Course Duration:

48 weeks

Hours per week:

20 hours

Class size:

5 students

Material fee:

Extracurricular Activities :

Accommodation arrangement:

Airport shuttle service:


Through a continuous long-term immersion Spanish course, students will be able to learn Spanish completely from any foundation, with a precise classification into 10 learning levels A1-C2 according to the progressive difficulty of Spanish grammar and language expression, and extracurricular activities arranged every afternoon in combination with local Spanish and Salamanca characteristics, including city tours and cultural and gastronomic experience programs.

Appropriate people

Suitable for students who want to apply to Spanish high schools or universities.
Those who want to learn Spanish from the basic level and comprehensively.
Those who want to come to Spain and experience life in EU with student visa.

Course Advantages

Suitable for all levels of Spanish.
One-year student visa.
One month of accommodation for free.
Flexible course arrangement.
Abundant extracurricular activities.

Project achievements

- Report Card.
- Course Completion Certificate.
- A comprehensive experience of Spanish life and          history and culture.

Teachers' background

All teachers have a bachelor's degree or higher, a professional background in language, literature or art, and ten or more years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The vast majority of them come from Salamanca proper, are familiar with the local context and history, and play an important leading role in the extracurricular activities each afternoon.

Course Schedule

Day TimeContents
Monday to FridayMorning: 09:00-13:00Grammar class 2hours
Speaking class 2hours
Afternoon: 17:00Extracurricular activities,
led by the Spanish teacher
(visits to places of interest,
museum visits, dance classes,
cooking classes, horseback riding,
swimming pool, snacks, etc.)
Saturday, SundayShort trips: Madrid, Segovia, Seville, etc.

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