Course Duration:

3 years

Entrance time:

Every year September


Oficial middle grade diploma

Material fee:

Internship :

Accommodation arrangement:

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Spain has a beautiful landscape, a rich history and Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world with over 500 million speakers. Spain has the largest number of Blue Flag beaches in the world, the 3rd largest number of World Heritage Sites, and has been the 2nd most visited country in the world for years. It has the world's largest number of vineyards and olive groves, is the world's largest exporter of wine, and its iconic Mediterranean diet has consistently placed Spain at the top of the "World's Healthiest Countries" rankings. Spain has some of the oldest and most expensive restaurants in the world, and in 2021 the world's best chefs are from Spain. In 2022, Spain has 228 Michelin restaurants, the 5th in the world, including 11 three-star Michelin restaurants, the fourth in number, and 7 Spanish restaurants in the list of the world's 50 best restaurants, 3 of which are in the top 10.

The history of Spanish cuisine is probably one of the most rich, diverse and interesting gastronomic histories in the world. The Iberian Peninsula has been influenced by many cultures, and Spanish cuisine has been immersed in the culinary customs of each of the peoples living there. Even today, Spanish cuisine continues to evolve and continues to be one of the pioneers in promoting the Mediterranean diet.

Appropriate people

Over 18 years of age
For the people who wish to work in the gastronomy industry.
Those who are interested in international catering.
Those who are interest in Spanish and the culture of Spain.
Those who want to live and work in Spain.

Course Advantages

Suitable for all levels of Spanish.
One month of accommodation for free.
Abundant internship.
Student visa.

Project achievements

- Spanish Language Certificate.
- Profesional certificates of chef training.
- International study and internship experience.
- Job arrangements (100% successful employment        rate so far)
- Access, employment, social benefits in EU countries.

Program Components

1 year language study,
2 years culinary courses,
Internship in restaurants.

Teachers' background

Culinary teaching team

All teachers come from professional culinary or dessert schools and have more than five years of practical experience in the industry, most of them have Michelin restaurant employment experience and they have extensive experience working in different countries such as Paris, London, Milan, India and China. From time to time, we invite Michelin chefs, directors of famous restaurants and other important figures in the gastronomy industry to give lectures on campus.

Language teaching team

All teachers have a bachelor's degree or higher, a professional background in language, literature or art, and ten or more years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The majority of them come from Salamanca, are familiar with the local context and history, and play an important leading role in the extracurricular activities in the afternoon.

Course Schedule-First Year

 General Spanish

Gerneral SpanishTimetableContents
Monday to Friday 09:00-13:00
Grammar class
Speaking class
The intensive Spanish course is scientifically subdivided into 10 stages,
in strict accordance with the Cervantes teaching requirements and under the guidance of a scientific teaching framework system, matching all the and learners of different levels of foundation.
The daily courses include a systematic study of grammar and speaking practicing
with the theme of the day's grammar content. The grammar and speaking classes are balanced to ensure that students can learn and use the language efficiently in a relaxed teaching atmosphere.
Culture, history and sightseeing activities.
During the study, extracurricular activities are arranged almost every afternoon
and holidays, including sightseeing, leisure and cultural activities, short- term trips, festivals and events, providing students with a full experience of Spanish culture and customs and a better integration into Spanish.

Course Schedule-Second & Third Year

 Culinary Courses

Culinary Courses TimetableContents
Monday to FridayMorning: 08:00 -14:00Culinary Technology Course

- Culinary Skills Course. 
- Food prep and preservation. 
- Banquet design, management and service  - Catering skills Course. 
- Mini-cuisine: tapas and appetizer preparation. 
- Advanced culinary skills courses (e.g. molecular cuisine, etc.)Cakes, candies,            chocolates, bread and professional dessert techniques.
- Advanced technology courses for the dessert industry.
Job training and internship

-Training and job guidance (e.g. resume building, interview guidance, business start-up guidance,post-employment planning, how to build a personalbrand, etc.)

- On-campus restaurant internship Off-campus restaurant internship
- Coffee and cocktaildrink-making courses
- Professional training in wine and food matching
Language training

- English
- Language communication skills training
- Other optional languages: French, German
- Nutrition and dietetics.
- Safety and hygienein food handling. 
- Food industry background knowledge (e.g. Michelin and other requirements for various restaurant rankings, catering industry rules and laws, etc.)

Professional Internship 

On-campus intership 

The school has its own restaurant, where students work under the supervision of the teacher in the preparation, cooking, service, management and operation of the restaurant. The internship is part of the curriculum.

Internship in a partner restaurant

The internship restaurants are all famous restaurants, five-star hotels or Michelin restaurants. The best students can enter the world's top 50 restaurants for internship. After the internship, there is a high probability to join the top restaurants directly.

Program Partners

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