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12 Courses

We have developed 12 types of courses in three  categories based on the needs of different people.

Long term Spanish Course

Through a continuous long-term immersion Spanish course, students will be able to learn Spanish completely from any foundation, with a precise classification into 10 learning levels A1-C2.

Short terms Spanish Course

Include 6 different topics such as general Spanish, Spanish literature, DELE/SIELE preparation and speaking training.

Learning Spanish in the kitchen

We combine the learning of Spanish with the cooking of traditional Spanish cuisine, which is more interesting, more efficient. 

Spanish in specific area

This allows you to learn Spanish while further exploring your interests and understanding the subject matter, which will directly help you in your subsequent choice of university major or work exchange.

Work in Spain as a chef

For the people who wish to work in the gastronomy industry,  who are interested in international catering and also are interest in Spanish language and the culture of Spain.

Design your own program

We combine the learning of Spanish with the cooking of traditional Spanish cuisine, which is more interesting, more efficient. 

4 Advantages


Tailored courses for groups

Design a program based on your unique needs and give you a budgeted price, such as course contente , schedule, accommodations, and airport shuttle service.


Abundant cooperation resources

Based on the company's connections and 15 years of business history, we have a lot of resources to work with in terms of teaching, internship resources and extracurricular activities.


High quality courses

Lingua Globe has been working with top universities and high schools, we prepare courses and teach with the requirements of the world's top institutions.


Cervantes Certification

Lingua Globe is accredited by the most prestigious foreign Spanish language institutions and has all other required certifications and documents.

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Salamanca is located in the northwest of Spain, two and half hours by car from Madrid. The nearest international airports are Vila Nublar Airport in Valladolid and Barajas Airport in Madrid. From both airports there are direct buses to Salamanca, operated by Avanza. Please check the map for directions and information on how to reach our school by different ways.


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