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This course targets Spanish teachers and students with a B1 or higher level.
You will meet authors, history and our culture by reading the appropriate textbooks, poems or excerpts of a novel.

Features of the course

Hours per day 4
Tutorship a week 4
Level Course Intermediate Advanced
[ B1,B2 – C1,C2]
Hours per week 20
Max students 5
Duration of class 50 min
Guided tours 3
Adittional support Library, Computers
Multimedia room


09:00-10:40 Grammatical contents and vocabulary
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-12:40 Reading and comments
12:40-13:30 Study and use of school facilities(optional)
16:50-19:30 Tutorship and activities
Study and use of school facilities(optional)
This course timetable might change, depending on needs of the student or the school
This course can be arranged by videoconferencing (e-learning)
Some classes will be arranged outside.

One Week

€  320  

Two weeks

520 per day

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