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This course has been chosen for many people through the years. It consists in the practice of conversation in order to get fluency and enrich your vocabulary. In class, it discusses a variety of topics (historical, humorous, comments of press, etc.) suggested by the student or the teacher.

Features of the course

Hours per day 3
Tutorship a week 4
Level Course Beginner, Intermediate
[A1,A2 – B1,B2 – C1,C2]
Hours per week 15
Max students 5
Duration of class 50 min
Guided tours 3
Adittional support Library, Computers
Multimedia room


11:00-12:40 Conversation, writing and phonetics
12:40-12:50 Break
12:50-13:40 Culture and conversation
16:50-19:30 Study and use of school facilities (optional)
This course timetable might change, depending on needs of the student or the school
This course can be arranged by videoconferencing (e-learning) 

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