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Near Salamanca

Salamanca has many places to visit an hour away, some examples::

Sierra de Salamanca-La Alberca

La Alberca was the first rural village in Spain to be given National Historic Heritage status. A walk around its historic centre gives us a taste of the tradition in its houses and streets, which were built centuries ago.

Visita al Castillo de la Mota

MEDIEVAL CITIZEN: Little by little this prehistoric town was abandoned and it can be said that until the time of the Reconquest (XI century) a major town in La Mota does not emerge again. Due to the instability of the time they were happening different walled enclosures


activities in this natural space

Activities in active nature centers 


Descending the Agueda River, in Canoas, climbing, looking for a treasure, are some of the half-day activities that we can prepare, also bicycles, boats or sports...

Tracks and Games

Tracks and Games

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From Lingua Globe we are open to organize any activity that allows you to improve your Spanish